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There are several ways to do that, but the best one is to use uninstaller software. In addition to removing the selected program, uninstaller software will remove all files and registry entries associated with that program. As a result, it will be as if the application was never installed on your PC. There are many great uninstaller applications, but one of the best is IOBit Uninstaller , so we encourage you to try it out.

Once you remove the game using this tool, reinstall it and your problem should be resolved. There are several ways to do that, but if you want to completely uninstall your drivers, we suggest you use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove them. Once your drivers are removed, restart your PC and Windows 10 should install the default drivers instead. Once you install the default drivers, check if the problem still persists. In addition to using the default driver, some users are recommending to install an older version of the graphics driver, so you can try that as well.

According to users, sometimes certain League of Legends processes might be running in the background, and that can cause this issue to appear. However, you can fix the problem simply by disabling all League-related processes from Task Manager. To do that, just follow these simple steps:. After disabling the required processes, try to start the game again and check if the problem reappears.

According to users, sometimes other applications can interfere with League of Legends and cause issues such as this one to occur. These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. If you decide to use the comment section available on the website, we need your consent to storing your message attached to the e-mail address you've used to comment.

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How to fix League of Legends launch issues

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Mark Schusste. Fix League of Legends launch issues 1. Change DNS settings 3.

Launch the Hextech Repair Tool 4. Delete the Lockfile 5. League of Legends also includes a handy repair tool that can be found right from within the client itself. All you need to do is launch the client, then click on the gear icon to open your Settings. Then, from within the General tab, press Initiate Full Repair. In addition to the many tips, tricks and fixes proffered above, Riot Games have another solution to throw into the ring in the form of their Hextech Repair Tool.

New LoL Mac Client - How to Download, Review, Gameplay - iMac Test - New Ping 3.03 Patch LoL Mac

The Hextech Repair Tool is a great point of call for both Windows and Mac users, and has received a generally positive response from the League of Legends player community. But… just to be safe… have you tried restarting your PC? Now, what are you waiting for? Start playing League of Legends! Menu - - -. How To Fix About Me. January 31, Solutions and Fixes. What are the causes of League of Legends not opening?

Update your firewall and antivirus software. Make sure to hit the Update button to keep things running smoothly! Temporarily disable your firewall. Try connecting to League of Legends.

League won't open on Mac : leagueoflegends

Re-enable your firewall. Add a program exception manually. Alternatively, you might need to add LeagueClient. Firewalls on Windows are more likely to interfere with League of Legends than those on Mac. In rare cases, however, your Mac firewall might cause connection issues.

Full Fix: League of Legends won’t launch on Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Windows Open Control Panel. Select Network and Internet. Click Network and Sharing Center. Click Change Adapter Settings. Right click on the network adapter in use, and click on Properties. Make sure to note down your current addresses in case you need to revert! Click on the Windows start menu.

Restart your PC. Mac Open System Preferences. Select Network. Note down your existing settings in case you need to revert. Then… In the first row, input: Click Apply to finish! Packet loss and packet buffering These two issues are more likely to affect the quality of your LoL playing experience, rather than resulting in your League of Legends launcher not opening. More top connection tips While the above fixes should suffice for many connectivity issues, there are still some other solutions to consider that you may wish to try before moving onto issues with your system.

Sometimes, you may need to manually forward ports on your router that need to be open in order for you to connect to LoL servers. Make sure to check for, download and apply all updates for your wired or wireless adapters. Switching to a wired connection.

Fix League of Legends won’t start up on Mac

Updating your operating system. OS updates can help to fix graphics issues and introduce fixes to bugs that result in League of Legends not working. Resetting your router. If not, then take the following steps: Click the lock icon.