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Discontinued in May , this would be the last Apple computer ever to bear the rainbow-colored Apple logo and the last Mac to support Apple's Superdrive. It had longer battery life, and as with the Wallstreet II the user could double the duration to 10 hours by substituting a second battery for the optical drive in the expansion bay.

The keyboard was also improved and now featured translucent bronze-tinted plastics, which is the origin of the "bronze keyboard" nickname. This change meant that CD and DVD recorders designed for wintel machines could more easily be used in this computer, often at a price far less than those manufactured by Apple.

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Mac OS 8. The use of XPostFacto 4 allows users to upgrade to Tiger, and it runs quite well for an unsupported machine. For this generation Apple dropped "G3" from the name. The original Pismo was rumored to be a latchless design, akin to the iBook , which is similar in specification. Apple settled on fitting the Pismo board into the form factor of the previous Lombard G3 PowerBook, but with many improvements.

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Brighter screens and replacement batteries were also available. The left expansion bay, like the Lombard, could only take a battery, but the right bay was able to accommodate a tray-loading or slot-loading Combo Drive or SuperDrive , a Zip drive, a Zip drive, an LS SuperDisk drive, a VST floppy disk drive, a second hard drive with adapter, which was tough to find , or a second battery. Lombard and Pismo accept the same expansion bay devices. Versions of Mac OS from 9.

PowerBook G3 Series - Technical Specifications

These upgrades are now out of production and must be purchased secondhand. The Pismo PowerBook was the last of the G3 line.

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  7. It was succeeded by the PowerBook G4 Titanium models. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    For the film, see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. For the film, see Wall Street film. For the building, see 1 Wall Street. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. May 10, The PowerBook G3 is not my personal favorite of the laptop line. Still, the Lombard model proved very popular in its day. Running at either or MHz, the Lombard clocked in higher than its predecessors.

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    Plus, a second battery could be added by switching out the optical drive in the expansion bay — thereby doubling battery life to a whopping 10 hours. The translucent keyboard that gave the laptop its common name was made of bronze-tinted plastic rather than metal. Your mileage may vary. All Rights Reserved. Use of any text, image, or content without permission is prohibited. C iMac Rev. C PowerBook G3 Series rev.

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