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See Note 1.

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See Note 2. A dialog box appears. Click Burn. The disc is initialized and the files and folders are saved on the disc. This process takes several minutes. Sin embargo, Microsoft dispone de una herramienta gratuita de apenas 60 Kb que sirve precisamente para esto aunque, por supuesto, carente de una interfaz tan amigable como la de los programas anteriormente mencionados.

Provides improved performance and additional storage but no fault tolerance. Any disk failure destroys the array, which becomes more likely with more disks in the array.

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  • A single disk failure destroys the entire array because when data is written to a RAID 0 drive, the data is broken into fragments. The number of fragments is dictated by the number of disks in the array. The fragments are written to their respective disks simultaneously on the same sector. This allows smaller sections of the entire chunk of data to be read off the drive in parallel, giving this type of arrangement huge bandwidth. RAID 0 does not implement error checking so any error is unrecoverable. More disks in the array means higher bandwidth, but greater risk of data loss.

    Provides fault tolerance from disk errors and failure of all but one of the drives. Array continues to operate so long as at least one drive is functioning. This mechanism provides an improved performance and fault tolerance similar to RAID 5, but with a dedicated parity disk rather than rotated parity stripes. The single parity disk is a bottle-neck for writing since every write requires updating the parity data. One minor benefit is the dedicated parity disk allows the parity drive to fail and operation will continue without parity or performance penalty. Identical to RAID 3, but does block-level striping instead of byte-level striping.

    In this setup, files can be distributed between multiple disks. Distributed parity requires all drives but one to be present to operate; drive failure requires replacement, but the array is not destroyed by a single drive failure. Upon drive failure, any subsequent reads can be calculated from the distributed parity such that the drive failure is masked from the end user. The array will have data loss in the event of a second drive failure and is vulnerable until the data that was on the failed drive is rebuilt onto a replacement drive.

    Provides fault tolerance from two drive failures; array continues to operate with up to two failed drives. This makes larger RAID groups more practical, especially for high availability systems. This becomes increasingly important because large-capacity drives lengthen the time needed to recover from the failure of a single drive. Single parity RAID levels are vulnerable to data loss until the failed drive is rebuilt: the larger the drive, the longer the rebuild will take. However, once written, the discs should be readable in either type of DVD player or drive. These formats are similar in functionality and compatibility with DVD burners and players.

    Note: If your DVD burner is not compatible with Premiere Elements, you can burn the project to a folder, which allows you to use the software included with the burner to burn the final DVD. Select the preset for a given format in accordance with the available space on the target medium and the needs of the target audience.

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    For more themes, click the drop-down list to expand the menu and view other themes. Click Continue. Select Add menu markers atuomatically for me to add menu markers to the menu theme. Click Settings to expand the settings section and configure the following settings:. Compression reduces your video and audio files to take up less storage space.

    How to create a bootable USB disk for VMware ESX 5.x installation

    To maintain maximum quality, Premiere Elements compresses the movie only as much as necessary to fit it on the disc. The shorter your movie, the less compression required, and the higher the quality of the video on the disc. The time required varies depending upon the speed of the computer processor, the amount of available memory, and the complexity and length of a project.

    A standard video project of 60 minutes may take from 4 to 6 hours to burn. Note: The Blu-ray format H. However, the compression is high and allows more video data per MB. MPEG-2 is not as computationally intensive, so it is faster, but the amount of video information per MB is less. If you are sharing your DVD or Blu-ray Disc with someone from a different country, you may need to burn the disc using a different TV standard.

    However, you get the best results if your captured video matches the TV standard to which you plan to export. Once the movie includes the editing and navigation you want, the burning process is fairly straightforward. However, incompatible devices and media, or unexpected time factors can affect quality and completion. For a successful experience, consider the following guidelines when burning discs.

    Note: If encoding errors occur, consult the Troubleshooting section in Help. Allow enough time. Encoding video and audio for a disc can take hours. Consider burning overnight. If you plan to burn several DVDs or Blu-ray Discs, burn them in the same session by using the Copies option in the Burn dialog box so that you encode the project only once.

    Update drivers and firmware. Make sure that you have installed the latest drivers and firmware software contained in a read-only device ROM , which has instructions for controlling the operation of peripheral devices for your burner. You can download updates from the Internet. Choose a compatible burner.

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    • The same is true for DVD players. Provide plenty of defragmented, free hard disk space. You must have enough available hard disk space to accommodate the complete compressed files, as well as any scratch files created during export. The space requirements for your project appear in the Burn dialog box. Avoid making unnecessary previews. Previews of your Quick view timeline or Expert view timeline are useful for checking how your finished movie looks and plays, but they take time to create and are not used in the burning process.

      Test your discs. If you make a mistake with a recordable disc, you must use another disc; whereas if you make a mistake with a rewritable disc, you can reuse it.

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      Avoid running nonessential computer tasks during export. Turn off screen savers and power savers.

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      Avoid scanning for viruses, downloading updates, searching on the web, playing computer games, and so on. Premiere Elements User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. Applies to: Premiere Elements. Disc burning. Disc burn failure. Select Disc as the Burn To option. Select a burner from the Burner Location menu. Burn to a DVD folder. Type a name for the folder. Click Browse to specify a location for the folder.

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      Click Burn to begin creating the folder. Alternatively, you can export the generated files to a folder on your computer.