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I need an AppleScript which can be run on Yosemite which will: Monitor desktop for any new files When user saves or moves any file to desktop Immediately move that file to target folder Thanks. Posted over 4 years ago by user Vote on HN. Sign up About.

macos - Is there a “Move selected file to folder…” command in OSX? - Super User

By SonicHedgehog over 4 years ago 1 edit. So do I just replace 'path to desktop folder' with the path to desktop and 'path to home folder' with the path to my destination folder. Hi guys, I am getting crazy with a simple Folder Action. Situation: Files exclusively small RTFs with just a few kilobytes of data are being uploaded or copied into an "incoming" folder on my Mac.

Depending on the first two letters of the file name, these files should be moved into specific folders on another volume of my Mac. Sometimes just single files, sometimes a couple of files, and sometimes even files or so. Some files are moved as they should, some of them not.

Automate Repetitive Tasks on Your Mac with Folder Actions

They simply remain in the "incoming" folder. When putting about files into the folder, some 30 of them are moved, the rest remains. If I put single files into the folder, but quickly one after one, some of them are moved, some of them not.