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Arroba En El Teclado MAC Arroba (símbolo) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. .. pulsar en nuestro teclado la tecla con el símbolo de Windows y Impr Pant.

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Click the follow button to the right to stay updated on the latest updates to Borderlands 2 Mac. Update: Mac and Windows are now back in-sync.

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At this time we do not have an ETA for an update to put Linux back in-sync. The latest update on the Windows version of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel has temporarily disabled cross-play between Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Currently, Mac and Linux players are able to play together, but are unable to connect with Windows players. We are working on an update to bring Borderlands 2 back in sync, but we do not currently have an ETA for release. There is a crash occurring in the Steam version of Borderlands 2 from the Main Menu. To bypass the crash you need to accept Gearbox's new Shift Privacy Policy.

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To do this launch the game then do the following steps very quickly :. It requires an Intel processor running OSX No further downloading is necessary to play the DLC packs.


The DVD box set comes with a serial number which can be authorised on up to five different computers at a time so you can have Borderlands installed on your home desktop as well as on your laptop for travelling without having to switch authorisation between the two. Because the Mac version is ported and published by Feral and not Gearbox it would require a separate agreement to make it available via Steam and Valve would be unable to bundle both Mac and PC version together in the same purchase with their Steamplay feature.


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