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Additional features include the ability of the software to auto-detect whether multiple monitors are used and display according to preferences, as well as being able to record sessions for quality and monitoring purposes, and even to organize remote computers intro groups according to function, location, or other parameters.

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As well as being used for IT trouble-shooting, Zoho Assist lends itself well to training through screensharing, as well as for online video conferencing and other meetings. There's a free tier that allows one user to connect remotely with up to five unattended machines, but features are limited and it's perhaps best considered a way to test the software rather than deploy commercially.

Further features are available in additional paid tiers for remote support, and Zoho Assist also integrates with the wide range of other Zoho products, not least Zoho Desk for CRM. RemotePC is a remote access software platform for home or business users. Based in the cloud, it allows individuals, teams, or enterprises to remotely access one or more devices. Computers can be easily configured for remote access, and additional users can be provided with an access ID and key as required.

As RemotePC is run from the cloud, it means all you require is a browser and you're good to connect via the web application, regardless of which device or operating system you're using.

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The connection is secured with AES encryption and a personal key that acts as a password. Once made, files can be easily transferred using drag and drop and tasks such as remote printing can be carried out. RemotePC is also scaleable, not least for business operations in managing large numbers of computers and other devices. Additional permissions are available to manage users and groups.

Sessions can be recorded if required, with logs and reports also available. For enterprises, user roles can be set up and computers grouped together, with reboot and remote control options available for full control. An alternative Helpdesk plan is available for corporations looking to provide user support directly for customers and clients.

For business users a custom quote is required, but a free day trial is available. TeamViewer 14 is perhaps the best-known remote desktop software in the world, and for good reason, as it has support for a huge amount of platforms that allows you to remotely access a PC using a number of devices.

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Best of all, there's a free version for home users, which lets you test out the software before you commit. It supports 4K desktops, includes a VPN alternative and easy file sharing. Easily the best all-round remote desktop software in Remote Utilities for Windows is our pick for the best free remote desktop software in It allows you to connect up to 10 computers, and comes with a number of features that you'd expect to find in paid-for remote desktop software.

Remote Utilities comes in two parts; the Host software, which is installed on the PC you want to control, and the Viewer software, which you install on the computer you want to use to control the remote PC. These connections offer airtight security and guarantee easy remoting to your desired system. Once you are connected, you can access a number of high performance features , such as screen sharing, screen recording, file transfers and VoIP calls. If you wish to have the freedom and flexibility to connect to a Windows or Linux remote desktop from anywhere in the world, then the cross-platform functionality of TeamViewer is your best bet.

This remote desktop software is optimised for all operating systems and offers a fully-fledged, secure connection to which you can easily add a host of different client devices. Companies that trust TeamViewer. Want to give TeamViewer a try?

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  8. This involves everything from screen sharing , to making sure pupils are using the right tools, to locking all screens simultaneously so that you regain the undivided attention of the class. With TeamViewer, administrators can perform maintenance work on a group of computers and schedule network shutdown for holidays. Support teams can respond to questions from colleagues or customers by logging into computers in their network using TeamViewer, observing directly what they are dealing with, and either fix the problem or give advice on how to proceed.

    The host computer can share their screen, send messages or engage through a chat function.

    Download Now! It uses Kerberos with digital certificates to verify that you are authorized to connect to the Mac in question.

    It goes years without updates, and the ones it does see are usually for Mac OS X compatibility. Setting it up to work remotely is also going to take some networking configuration on your router and VPN setup. Apple Remote Desktop fits in a weird place of not being useful for the prosumer, but not powerful enough for the IT department. From a security perspective, you can encrypt your session with an SSH tunnel, but it does come at a security cost.

    Authentication to clients uses an authentication method based on a Diffie-Hellman Key agreement protocol that creates a shared bit key. This key is used to encrypt the login credentials using AES. The Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol used in Apple Remote Desktop is similar to the one used in Mac file sharing. Chrome Remote Desktop free is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to access other Macs that are logged into your Google account with the Remote Desktop extension installed through the web browser.

    I found the iOS app to be subpar compared to Screens, though.

    Five Best Remote Desktop Tools

    It functionally worked fine, but Screens handled multi-monitor setups better, scrolled easier, and was just all around more functional. Remote access tools are already a bit of a hack , so smoothness and speed are imperative. None of your session data is ever recorded by Google, and in most situations, the connection is directly from the client to the remote session without passing through Google.

    Like LogMeIn, it handles the router configuration for you. You install the client on your Mac, and then you can log in from the web or an iOS device. TeamViewer works well and is fast, but the setup and configuration was a bit more complicated than LogMeIn.

    While it is a remote access solution, its also heavily pitched as a remote support and online meeting solution as well. It involves knowing your public IP most residential users have a dynamic IP that can change and forwarding ports on your router. The paid products offer bit AES encryption or better. If you are looking for a free solution, we recommend Chrome Remote Desktop since it is a lot easier to set up.

    There is no configuration needed on your router. You simply install the client, and then you can access your computer from the web or an iOS app.

    Free Remote Desktop Software

    From a security standpoint, it supports bit AES encryption, dual passwords, and end-to-end authentication. I used to use them to access files from off-site, but with the popularity of folder syncing services, we can have access to most of our files from any device or location already. Here are a few of the common options for Mac users:. Its client is relatively stable, it has great third-party app support, and offers a free plan for beginners.

    This makes it a nice option for storing large amounts of data and having access to it from anywhere. Google Drive is best used on the web, but it has a Mac client as well that works very similarly to Dropbox. The client works well, but it lacks some of the features of Dropbox related to bandwidth control and controlling which folders are stored locally on your Mac. Google Drive only supports selective sync on root folders, where Dropbox supports it for sub-folders.

    The price is right for up to a terabyte, and then Dropbox offers similar plans. Google Drive is ideal when you need more than 2 GB, but less than GB, and it does offer better web support than Dropbox.