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I love the quality of it and everyone enjoys eating it. Meh, that was generally the reaction from my crowd. I did not get the creamy texture pictured above, and I wound up cooking it for 4 hours to even get all of the cheese to melt. I think this produced a rubbery noodle, even though I had cooked them very al dente. Four hours for cheese to melt? I think something went wrong somewhere. Did you grate the cheese fresh or buy the ore shredded. Pre grated cheese is coated in a substance that prevents it from clumping in the bag.

That same substance prevents the cheese from melting properly. For anyone reading these comments, please try this recipe with a block of cheese that you grate yourself.

How to Make the Best Velveeta Mac and Cheese You’ve Ever Tasted

I have never had a mushy noodle. Some went wrong. Could be your crockpot if it took 4 hours to melt the cheese.

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  • Crock Pot Mac and Cheese | Brown Eyed Baker!

Mine is done before 2 hours on low stirring often. I am an experienced home cook, always looking for new recipes. I also work evenings, so I need crock pot methods. This recipe is absolutely perfect. I did turn the heat up to high about 1. I stirred it twice in the last 45 minutes. Thank you so much! As a single man I thank you. I first made this when I was working for the railroad and living in hotels and did not have a kitchen. Extremely easy to make.

Absolutely the easiest and best tasting crockpot Mac!! Reheats even more yummy! This will be my go to for potlucks!! I LOVE this recipe! The Mac and cheese is so creamy and so cheesy — just perfect comfort food! Just what I look for when the weather turns cold. So yummmy! I originally made this with your previous recipe 12 oz. Making today for Christmas! Merry Christmas! So good! Doubled the recipe and made for Thanksgiving. Asked to make again for Christmas. Going to try substituting cream cheese for the velveeta.

Thank you for the amazing recipe!! If you do not recommend, please advise.

Thank you :. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! It really helped me out with my office potluck!

Can I make this macaroni and cheese ahead and bake it when I’m ready?

I was able to dump all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning and then just plug it in at my desk when I got in the office. It was ready in time for lunch! So yummy!!! Has anyone tried using Cavatappi noodles instead of elbow macaroni? Would you not recommend using other type of noodles? I made this for the 4th of July.

Southern Cooking For The Modern Woman

Everyone loved it! It literally was gone within like 20 minutes lol. Thank you!! I wrote the ingredients down from the first page — only to find out that they were changed. That messed up my card. Per the recipe instructions, you should cook the pasta to al dente, then add to the crock pot. Going to make this for Thanksgiving, and was wondering does this recipe feel up a 4 qt.

I am wondering because I need a full 4 qt. I made this last week and it was voted best Mac and cheese ever thank you with thanksgiving coming up do you think this would double easily in the crockpot?

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - How to Make Mac N Cheese - Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

The crockpot I am borrowing is only 4. So now I have half in the crockpot and half ready to go into the oven in a casserole dish.

Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Do you think this would still work in the oven? These will of course taste different… : Thank you! Hi Lindsay, It will still be good! A friend of mine made a big batch of this in the oven for a birthday party and said it turned out wonderfully. I would say degrees and just stir occasionally — cook until completely smooth and melted. This looks great! If I double the recipe because I need servings how would that affect cook time and would it all fit in a 6 quart crockpot?

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Hi Rachel, I have doubled this in a 6 qt crock pot so you should be fine! I used white sharp cheddar cheese, and made a double batch because I have an extra large crockpot. The only thing I believe I would do different next time is to cook it for 2 hours. I will have to reheat it in the cooker in the morning, so I am interested to see how the noodles are then.

Everyone in my household loves this recipe!!! I am planning to make it for Thanksgiving for about 30 people, do you know if it would come out the same if I make it on the stove top? I always have always made tradional baked Mac and cheese. But my new range is out of commission and needs a new control panel.