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Edit the Page Number Style If you want to modify the page number style, please select the page number and then go to Home tab.

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  • Setting Headers and Footers in Word 2011 for Mac?
  • 1: Determine page numbering needs for each section!

You can change the font, color, size, and more. Once finished, you can double click the body section of your document or click on Esc to exit from the footer or header area.

Writing Your Thesis in Word 2011

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Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Products Resources Support Write for Us. Rachel Hodos. Microsoft Word for Mac Very frustrated.. Want to Boost Post? The Page Numbers Inserted with locations are also inside specially marked regions that can be removed using the command. Delete the field. The "Apply to:" choice of "This point forward" allows you to insert a continuous Section break where you are and make the rest of the current Section have the column settings you want. The default is "This Section. The Start new column checkbox is one way to insert a column break before the bottom of the page.

If you select the L eft or R ight column preset it unchecks the E qual column width setting. Line between inserts a vertical line between columns. You can set the number of columns to a larger number if you want. Note though that more than 3 columns is not practical on a portrait layout letter-size page. Unchecking the Equal column width setting lets you manually change your column width. The spacing between columns is preset at 0. The settings shown in the dialog box above are the default with 1 column.

So, in a sense, you always have a column setting in Word. Note that a column break, like a manual page break, will be contained within a Word paragraph, so text immediately following the break will be in the same paragraph as that which precedes the break. If you change the paragraph formatting, it will change for the entire Word paragraph. To get parallel columns in Word you would use Tables. Word tracks pages for printing purposes by the page numbers assigned by Word, itself.

To print pages you would enter These page numbers may or may not be what is displayed. Since page numbering can restart with each Section, it is easy to have multiple pages numbered 1 or 2, or even 10 or 30! To tell Word which pages you want to print, you need to designate not only the page number, but the Section number. You have to give both page and Section for all numbers in a range.

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Use your Status Bar to see what Section you are in. If it isn't showing Sections, right-click on it. See this Microsoft Help article for more. It applies to all versions of Word starting with Word even though it does not mention recent versions. This is included in the Sections chapter to alert the reader that Cover Pages can create anomalies in page numbering and Headers and footers. Word allow you to insert a "Cover Page" in a Word document.

There can be only one Cover Page and it is always at the very beginning of the document. This is true no matter where you are in the document when you insert it. In Word the new cover page will be Page 1 of the document and will be included in the NumPages field numbering the "y" of the Page X of Y structure. In later versions it is page 0. The document property "Pages" will always include the cover page in its count, regardless of the version of Word involved. Many, but not all, Cover Pages include graphics or Text Boxes that cover up any Header or footer that would otherwise display and print.

Watermarks in Word CK Note A Watermark is an element that appears behind text and is usually faint semi-transparent. It is often text but may be an image. The Watermark feature was divorced from Backgrounds beginning with Word It is placed in a Header. Watermarks are stored in the Building Blocks which may be stored in various places including templates.

Mac adding page numbers using Word 2011

They are discussed in this page because they are a part of a Header and problems with Watermarks equate to problems with Headers. Except if no Watermarks show up in the Watermarks gallery; that is a problem with the building blocks file. A Gallery should be shown when you click on the button. At the bottom of the Gallery are other choices. The screenshot above shows the default Watermarks gallery.

You can choose one of those four, or create your own by clicking on "Custom Watermark. When you go to Custom Watermark, you get the dialog box shown below. Note that you can type text or choose a picture.

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You can also use the dialog box to remove a Watermark inserted by Word. If text, you can color it, the default is Gray semi-transparent. You can have the text shown as horizontal or semitransparent. The result is shown below. Note that you can save it in the default building blocks file or in a template. The templates available should include any global templates that are currently loaded as well as the attached document template. While in Word there is a line on the Gallery menu for more Watermarks from Office. An image or picture can also be used as a Custom Watermark. Images can include photos, clip art, Word Art or other drawings.

What it says is just More Watermarks from office. Here is how to handle it. The solution is a little different depending on your Word version. Watermarks are a creature of Headers. If you have multiple Headers previous ones may be blocking your Watermark. If you want your Watermark to appear only on one page there are several ways you can do this. First, you could make a one-page Section with the Watermark and make sure that Headers in other Sections are not linked to that one. Probably simpler, is to cut the Watermark it is a graphic of some sort, perhaps WordArt from the Header and then paste it behind the text on the page where your want it instead of in the Header.

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When you use the Remove Watermark command under the Watermark button, it will delete all Watermarks in a document that were inserted using that button. Watermarks inserted by Word are image files. If they are text, they are WordArt or in a Text Box. Word treats them as images. There is a setting in Word dating back to Word 95, at least, that lets you not show images on the screen.

This speeds up display and was more important in the past than it perhaps is now.

Page Margins are Section properties. They are set in the Page Layout dialog. To change the indents of one or more paragraphs, the paragraph formatting for left and right indents should be set, not the page margins. One feature allowed for margins is mirror margins. It allows for a binding area in documents printed duplex. However, it does not work in Landscape Sections if what is desired is to have the binding edge along the long side of the paper. That would require mirroring of top and bottom margins.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can apply the page border to the entire document, to the current Section, or to either the first page of the section or every page except the first page of the section.

get link Why is the spacing off in the footer of a landscape page? Check first to see if there are Section breaks setting off the landscape page. Even though the footer will look the "same as previous," that option must be turned off.