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Camcorders Bringing outstanding image quality and leading-edge technology to every level of content creation. The Sony professional camcorder portfolio includes superbly versatile shoulder mount and handheld camcorders.

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Shoulder-mounted camcorders Excellent picture quality in HD and 4K with choice of codecs Superb portability and ergonomics for ENG and field-based shooting. Portable, versatile handheld camcorders Excellent picture quality in HD and 4K with choice of codecs Fixed or interchangeable lenses for maximum versatility. Batteries, power supplies, adaptors, cases, option boards, modules and plug-ins Remotes, tripods, viewfinders, lights, lenses and lens adaptors Wireless adapters and modules.

Images you'll always trust Reliable, consistently accurate Professional Video Monitors for on-set, editing, colour grading, OB, studio and live production.

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Get in touch with us for more information. It comes with a host of options to fine tune your footage as well as a built in six-channel microphone and the 3D footage works even if you lack 3D glasses. Cheap it most certainly isn't, but the portable HC-X offers pro-level perks for its price. Equipped with a sizable 3.

Two lenses at the front, two sensors for each lens and two processors ensure 3D recording is far from an afterthought, and standard recording is at p quality. It also takes 7. Just don't drop it — there's twice as much to go wrong. Best camcorders for Christmas Dare you dream of making a Christmas movie that'll be run in the TV schedules for decades to come? Here's the kit to get you started.

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Subscribe to the magazine. Subscribe now. How about capturing the video on a portable computer's hard drive. Just remember that the drive needs to be fast, and that DV generates You will still need a backup plan. MiniDVs are not designed for one use- that's ridiculous. If it was designed for one use, then why can you record over previously recorded material?

That's easy enough to prevent if your assertion is true. What's true though is that just like any magnetic medium, writing to it multiple times will eventually degrade quality.

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Yes, even hard drives degrade, it just takes a much longer time than something as fragile as magnetic tape. That said, I would never use them more than two or three times for shooting original footage or use one as an edit master. But, for dubbing, work tapes, demos and shooting the kids in the backyard, I would not hesitate to recommend shooting the tapes over and over. Just buy a good product such as Sony and you should be fine. I know Fry's is a bit on the high side but I go into the brick mortar store: I use the locked tape as an archive in case I want to go back to do different edits with the clips like a year end compilation The other thing I do is after the edits and after output to DVD, I output back to tape so I have a "final" version archived If you need to record long events, my suggestion is to put your camcorder on LP,not SP mode.

You can get 2hrs of recording on a mini-DV tape. If your daughter can do ballet for more than 2hrs, then you have issues other than camcorder recording. Recording to a DVD camcorder or hard-drive camcorder, will result in a drop in quality for the final result Record to hard drive. When you capture video using iMovie, you get to decide where the video resides.

New Canon camcorders target the social network crowd | Macworld

You can use your hard drive or you can use an external hard drive. Video files can be quite large, so I always save my iMovie files to my external hard drive. I'm looking for a camcorder to record my choreography and an external hard drive to store the footage on. Do you have any experience with either? Thanks, I've been on the search for a while and I'm ready to finally start recorder and documenting my work!!

What exernal hard drive do you use? First, I have used many mini-DV camcorders with my Mac and so far, I have not had any issues with any of them.

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  • Sony, Panasonic and Canon have worked flawlessly. Second, regardless of the brand of camcorder, you need software to ingest the footage. If you use iMovie, you can choose the location where the footage will be stored, whether on you Mac or on an external drive. BUT, iMovie makes an iMovie project folder where ther footage resides. You can open and see the footage inside the iMovie project folder if you need to see it. Third, the editing software is what will allow you to trim the footage, add titles, and transitions. Lastly and most importantly, your Mac model will dictate whether you should buy a mini-DV camcorder or a hard-drive camcorder.

    The newer Mac models seem geared to ingesting video from memory cards and hard-drives. From what I understand, if you have iMovie 9 on all Intel Macs , it designed to ingest video from the hard-drive cameras.

    How to Record Your Screen on Mac! (Screen Capture Mac Tutorial)

    If the Mac is older and has iMovie 6 like mine , then the best is a mini-DV camera. I personally prefer the mini-DV cameras. Tape is cheap and I can carry a pocket-full of tapes to get hours of recording at a better resolution. I know this is an old post but thanks alot - followed your instructions and it all worked perfectly. Just bought a secondhand DV Camcorder and the quality is great. I haven't been able to find this piece of equipment. The video they capture is very different. No need to get into the details here. LINK connection. There is no way to directly connect a consumer camcorder to a computer using a firewire cable.

    This is true whether Apple Macintosh or any other computer manufacturer's hardware. This is likely the reason why you have not been able to find the equipment. It does not exist.