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Oh, and in case you are playing browser games, use this link to see if your browser supports OpenGL in the first place. On most operating systems, OpenGL updates are provided separately from operating system updates.

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So, if you are encountering an OpenGL problem with software on your Mac, you most likely need to get the latest operating system release, which you can find right here. OpenGL support on Linux systems is achieved by using extensions for the X server.

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Besides that, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure DRI is used to allow drivers to interoperate within a basic framework so that they can fully support hardware acceleration. All that sounds complicated, but the info will help you understand how manufacturers provide driver support to Linux users, and why you need to get the right driver update to fix OpenGL errors.

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While some only offer support for Open Source efforts through the DRI, others only rely on closed source frameworks. But all of them now offer support for the basic ABI that can allow OpenGL applications and video games to run on Linux operating systems. With that out of the way, here are some useful links you can use to find your respective drivers:.

Besides that, you can also try using Mesa3D , which is an open-source device driver. Version The glfwPollEvents function checks if any events are triggered like keyboard input or mouse movement events , updates the window state, and calls the corresponding functions which we can set via callback methods.

The glfwSwapBuffers will swap the color buffer a large buffer that contains color values for each pixel in GLFW's window that has been used to draw in during this iteration and show it as output to the screen.

We can do this via the glfwTerminate function that we call at the end of the main function. This will clean up all the resources and properly exit the application. Now try to compile your application and if everything went well you should see the following output:. If it's a very dull and boring black image, you did things right! If you didn't get the right image or you're confused as to how everything fits together, check the full source code here. If you have issues compiling the application, first make sure all your linker options are set correctly and that you properly included the right directories in your IDE as explained in the previous tutorial.

Also make sure your code is correct; you can easily verify it by looking at the source code. The function returns whether this key is currently being pressed. We're creating a processInput function to keep all input code organized:. The next condition check of the main while loop will then fail and the application closes.

[Solved] OpenGL driver error on Mac

This gives us an easy way to check for specific key presses and react accordingly every frame. We want to place all the rendering commands in the render loop, since we want to execute all the rendering commands each iteration of the loop. This would look a bit like this:. Just to test if things actually work we want to clear the screen with a color of our choice.

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At the start of each render iteration we always want to clear the screen otherwise we would still see the results from the previous iteration this could be the effect you're looking for, but usually you don't. We can clear the screen's color buffer using the glClear function where we pass in buffer bits to specify which buffer we would like to clear.

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Right now we only care about the color values so we only clear the color buffer. Note that we also set a color via glClear Color to clear the screen with. Whenever we call glClear and clear the color buffer, the entire color buffer will be filled with the color as configured by glClear Color.

This will result in a dark green-blueish color. The full source code of the application can be found here. So right now we got everything ready to fill the game loop with lots of rendering calls, but that's for the next tutorial. I think we've been rambling long enough here. If you're running AdBlock, please consider whitelisting this site if you'd like to support LearnOpenGL; and no worries, I won't be mad if you don't :. Make sure you have OpenGL versions 3. Viewed 3k times.

AMD Go the the "Graphics Properties" usually available in the context menu, if you right click on your desktop.

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  5. Intel Go the the " Intel Graphics Properties" usually available in the context menu, if you right click on your desktop. After this go the control panel for your GPU. Mac Go to the "Energy Saver" and deselect the "Automatic graphics switching". Vallentin Vallentin Thank you for answering. But there is no "Automatic graphics switching" in my Energy Saver. And these code works for other code which changes the opengl version to support even 4.

    The code currently always use the version and no matter how I defined the glfwhintwindow, which bothered me several days. Are you sure your Mac support versions newer than 2. OpenGL 2. Mozfox Mozfox 7 7 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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