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I have installed vmware tools, but the dedicated video memory is showing up as mb. In the settings I have said I want my video memory to be 2gb.

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Inside the guest's display settings it says it is using the VMware SVGA 3D driver with a total graphics memory of mb, mb dedicated, 0mb system, and mb shared memory. The system is running some of my work programs very slow. I checked with my work IT dept and they said that I need to increase the dedicated memory. I turned off Aero and all visuals and the guest programs are still laggy. How do I increase the dedicated ram? I have googled some solutions online, but they seem to target older version of vmware which do not seem to work.

I am running the newest version of workstation player. Do I need to purchase the full version to accomplish this?

If your host machine is Windows and you have more than one graphic adapter enabled such as the Intel integrated graphics , you may want to add this line to the vmx configuration file of the VM. Sorry I don't have an answer for the increasing of SVGA dedicated memory but hopefully the vmx tweak makes a difference for you. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

Also, have you tried allocating 2 GB of memory to the integrated graphics card using "80" instead of "40" in the command? Finally, did you run any benchmarks and did you experience any unwanted side effects e. Dec 18, 3, Central NY State of mind. Jun 21, 5. Has anyone actually tried this on a Mini?

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How is it working out for you? Any freezes or other issues? Sep 29, 1 0. Successfully upgraded! Hi there, thanks first of all for the terminal lines. I followed them and it worked flawlessly. See the picture:. Oct 25, 31 3. Hi Guys, I was not in the right state of mine and did the commands on my MacBook air Now the Air shows 5mb of video ram and it shutter the screen. Is there any command to get back my original mb ram? Regards Wayne.

How to Add 1GB VRAM to VMware Workstation

Zellio macrumors Feb 7, 1, Does having so much Vram for such slow gpus even make a difference? Wouldn't the gpu be bottlenecked long before using anywhere near 1 gb vram? Dec 17, 3, Zellio said:. That-Guy macrumors a. Feb 25, 55 UK.


Anyone tried this on Yosemite or is this Mavericks only? Also would a software update wipe this? For example if Thanks in advance. Jan 19, 1, That would be very welcome if somebody tested it under Yosemite? Oct 27, 1 1.

Mac OS X HD 4000 2GB VRAM Hack

Thanks very much for this great thread. I was wondering about this, as I've just purchased my MacBook Pro 13" early and upgraded it to Yosemite. Terrible graphical performance. Next step was to recover my backup. Whether it will survive a software update - I'm not sure, but easy enough to repeat.

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Reactions: LewisChapman. Nov 14, 3 1. Maxinho macrumors newbie.

Solved: Increase dedicated video ram in worksta |VMware Communities

Nov 25, 1 0. I use my machine for 3d rendering, not complicated stuff, mainly building stills. I then upgraded to Yosemite which I'm not sure about, as i can't use my Drawing software now!! Don't want to f things up! My machine is a mid MBP 8 gb etc etc. Many thanks. Grama macrumors newbie. Dec 16, 3 0. Do not really changes Sorry to end with the party, but this tweak do not really changes the vram quantity. See the screenshot with the proof.

Perhaps there is another place to change or anything else to do? If someone knows a way to really changes the vram on mac os, it should be really useful!